Genesis 1.29 no seed, no reproduction, unless….

Genesis 1.29 from this verse I see that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not a tree that reproduced on its own.  It had no seed in itself. It had no fruit that contained seed. Every seed bearing plant and fruit bearing tree with seed in it was given over for Adam to eat.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil Adam could not eat of. Therefore it was not seed producing. It’s fruit had no seed in it. All other plants had a way to reproduce. When Adam would eat of them the seed would die and then sprout to reproduce; the fruit would give Adam’s physical body sustenance. This principle or law from the very beginning of time was put in place to illustrate the plan of God’s salvation of a world made in his image but in need of redemption. Since He is eternal he knew before His creation that this was to be and therefore from what we know as the beginning of creation (since we are living in a temporal or tangible realm we recognize the passage of time with beginnings and endings), He put into place the seed-must-die-first-before-new-life-is-brought-forth truth in His creation of fruit bearing trees and fruit bearing plants. The physical food that Adam (Adam and Eve still in one physical body) would need for their body was self perpetuating through the seed bearing.

So when God gave Adam the tour of Eden he only pointed out one specific tree whose fruit could not be eaten; the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. He had complete freedom to partake of everything in Eden except that one tree. By implication from verse 1.29 of Genesis this tree does not produce seed.  It does not produce fruit with seed in it. If it did then it would have been given over for Adam to eat. God’s instruction was very clear to Adam, “every seed-bearing plant and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.” What an amazing array of food was at Adams disposal! All of it was self perpetuating, it had seed to die and grow and continue to multiply itself as Adam multiplied on the face of the earth, as He ruled and subdued the creation with generational vision and life, he was assured of God’s continued provision of food through plants and trees. They had the ability to reproduce through their own seed.

The TOTKOG&E (tree of the knowledge of good and evil) had no such ability. Get this; if it had been a seed producing tree then it would be on the menu for Adam to eat. He could eat it and it would have the ability to self perpetuate through it’s own seed. But, it was specifically off the menu. From what we know of God’s specific instructions then it was not seed producer. Why is this so important? It had no way to reproduce itself. No seed. No Seed. No seed. God did not want the fruit of TOTKOG&E to be reproduced. That one tree was there as a testament to the free will that Adam had- to worship and follow the One in whose image Adam was created in. There’s a lot in that statement alone that could be said.

The important fact is this; the TOTKOG&E could not produce seed, could not replicate itself by itself, and had no means to multiply. This was Gods intention for this tree. Gen. 1.31- “God saw all He hade made and it was very good.” It was good just as it was. Now I’m am not saying that a tree has the ability to think, but this tree, remember it’s name,” The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil”, found a way to get seed. Satan, through the serpent, met the tree’s need to reproduce and, at the same time,  met his (Satan’s)  need to destroy God’s Seed before it could completely reproduce more and more “Images of God” by tricking the Adam into eating the fruit of the TOTKOG&E. It is God who meets any and all of our needs; all that we need is found in Him. Satan desired to “be like God”. He used the need that the tree had to reproduce itself (the knowledge of good and evil always has a need to reproduce itself) and combined it with a suggested need that Adam could be like God (this was Satan’s desire, not Adam’s) and placed doubt in Adam’s heart to separate him from God. (Most always doubt is the seed that sprouts into sin in our lives.)

Satan used the seed of Adam to begin the reproduction process of the TOTKOG&E. God’s made-in-His-image creation was tainted with the seedless fruit of the TOTKOG&E. Eden was bathed in God’s presence before this happened. But now, from within His very creation, death had been placed upon Adam’s seed. Adam’s seed must die and the TOTKOG&E would be reproduced in the world (a seed must die to reproduce). God’s presence was being lifted and his creation was left naked and exposed. The trees that had provided food for them they now used for covering. They immediately returned to God’s provision, trees whose fruit produced seed, but they only found relief from being exposed by covering themselves with leaves, not eating of their fruit. Adam’s seed was tainted with another’s desire. All Eden was set up to reproduce God’s creation for generations with only the TOTKOG&E being left alone as non-producing, with a fruit that was not fit for food.  Fruit with no seed of it’s own. Now it has the choicest seed; the seed of man, the seed of one created in the image of God, to reproduce itself.

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How well have I traveled?


Good morning world. It’s Saturday and I am up and around at 5 am. Yeah. There’s a lot to do today. So I am listening to some Lee Ritenour guitar jazz while I collect my thoughts for today.

Looking back through last year’s journal I found this;

090809 (Today’s thoughts “090410” in italics)

You are speaking to me about vision; Vision; Personal vision of my life; your vision that was planted in my life when I was formed. The physical evidence of a man who does not know his specific purpose or his personal vision is all around; all around my life. I see it.  I recognize it for what is.  I now need to your wisdom, direction to do something about it. What do I see as evidence?

Vision has been very personal in my life this past year. My personal life has been retooled from the inside out. I have simply been walking out a deeply intimate relationship with God. I have been living out a life that is tangibly nurtured by God. So my vision has been to be re-formed this year.

Messes everywhere, Disorder, even chaos, where there is supposed to be order and purpose.  Purpose is the “heart version” of order.  When my heart has a known and declared purpose then my heart is in order.  It is part of the equipping that a man’s heart needs to follow after God’s direction in his life. Purpose is to the heart of a man is what skeleton is to the physical body.  It defines. It structures for performance.  God can then use that purpose to build upon.  All that enters the heart can then be measured against purpose. It is more concrete that just feeling or a passion. Purpose is very defined, it can be stated. When it is in abundance it is spoken in many ways.  It becomes the structure that undergirds all that my life is built upon.

Order and purpose are not just hard facts that can be cruel taskmasters. This has been a lesson that I‘ve had to learn this year.  My life has moved from the life that is lived by following emotion or passion to a life that is becoming more and more purposeful, deliberate, and intentional. I am highly emotive by nature or personality. I have a propensity to be empathetic and compassionate to a fault.  The character strengths that are part of my core being were high jacked by a broken life.  Having the capabilities to be emotive, empathetic, and compassionate are skills to be called upon when they are needed.  They are excellent tools to be used in a purposeful way. But the tools became the driving forces in my life. Today they are becoming more tolls and less a driving force.

I driven life many times points to a life that has brokenness mastering it. It’s a life that is driven in a direction that will seemingly satisfy an overwhelming desire or want or need in a life. Much “ministry” is lived out this way. What seems like acts of service to others is really a need to have worth or value. Or a need to belong to something- in church circles it could be to be a part of a revival or feeding program or mentoring, etc… These are great pursuits but a person driven to pursue these may actually be driven to fill a void by these pursuits. Then, instead of ministering life to others, they pull life out of the ministry for themselves in order to fill a void that can only be healed from the inside out by healing their own personal brokenness. A person who is driven in this way will eventually lose friends, co-laborers, and other significant relationships in their life. It is hard to quantify in hard terms but usually those who relate to them find the relationship more and more difficult to continue. Outward signs could be mounting disagreements, poor attitudes, inconsistencies in habits and words. When problems arise it is usually perceived as being there because of an outside situation or another person. There is a stronger and stronger propensity to prove they’re right.

As I write this I am seeing images of my own life and the path of healing that I have traveled and am still journeying through. The nurturing that I began receiving last year and is ongoing in my life is addressing many of these “driving forces” that have ruled over my life for decades. I am thankful for this nurture in my life and I welcome the ongoing nurturing that is taking place.

With a right purpose, a defined purpose, a vision that is known from the very depths of who I am, I can see more clearly.  I can be decisive.  I can be humble before God, transparent with Him, a God seeker intimate with my creator, not holding up masks or hiding myself behind masks.  I need help to get that vision back; to redefine purpose in my life.

I look around me at the evidence of having no purpose in my life. My office space is strewn with papers, pens, books, files, dust.  My schedule calendar is only partially completed. There are tasks that are left unscheduled. I have paperwork that is lost.  I don’t know where our finances specifically are. I do not know where God is providing our finances, through what avenue He has for me and Lila.  This is a crisis of purpose, which includes a lack of consistent follow through. A lack of the rudimentary follow through that is required for just the basics of living a life in Christ.

These observations are for clarification.  I am choosing to not move into complaining, “guilting” myself, or depression.  These observations are to bring me to a starting point again. A clear view of what has to be priority in my life, in our life as husband and wife. These are empowering observations.  Willful obedience to God’s speaking into my life. They are to be acted on, used to define where we are, where I am.  Now is the time to do what I see.  To do what I am hearing.  Father, guide my doing.

As I begin this I am well aware that do see only in part.  I am stepping out in this knowing that I will see more and more as I do what I see.

These words I just wrote are my observations for this personal life.  I also observe purpose that goes beyond these areas in my life.  I see beyond just my personal life and at the same time I am constrained by the priority of getting my self back to purpose in my life so that I can only keep those other purposes in my heart for now.

How well have I traveled this? It’s been almost a year.

Father you have my wife in your heart today. May she know and experience your loving path today. I need help to be her husband. Help me to become who you want me to be. I know your love personally and deeply. You have loved me aggressively and amazingly. I have worth and value as a person, as me!

I pray for my wife today. Give her your extravagant love. Show her how your love for her is over the top, profligate, and excessive in any terms but yours! She will walk in the nurture of that love today, in the nurture that is demonstrated by the holy spirit intimately co-habitating in covenant relationship with her.

Holy Spirit I am so grateful that you co-habitate with me in a covenant relationship. Open up to me the secrets of relationship that you have lived out literally for an eternity with the father and son. The three of you have “co-habitated” in one God. It is perfection that you have as three who perfectly relate to each other. Your covenant with each other is the plumb line for all others. I am so privileged to have you in my bod, holy spirit. I am so privileged to have you as my most intimate relationship. You have nurtured me for years and it ahs only been over this past 12-14 months that I have been so aware of this nurturing relationship with you.

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Jesus followers must minster at the well

Revival has been very important for the corporate body of Christ throughout its history.  The modern day church “post-modern” church needs to experience revival. But just what is revival today in North America? I can tell you what I yearn for; a revival that changes the culture we live in.  When was the last revival that permanently changed the culture? Where the effects of God’s sovereign will brought such a strong anointing that whole communities, city and regions were radically changed?  I’ve heard of such events like the Toronto blessing, or the move that took place in Florida.  But what was the true impact over generations?

I can see a revival that moves through the culture- individuals, families, businesses, local and state governments that are changed by an outpouring of God…being Himself… through those called by His name. The futurist, Erwin McManus, in his book “Chasing Daylight” says this; “Asleep within the people of God is an army waiting to be aroused. Within every individual there is potential that will never be discovered outside of God’s purpose.”  I think that each of us is sitting on the greatest revival our generation will ever see.  We need to be aroused.  I can see a very powerful revival taking shape through the healing of a nation that is broken in very deep and personal ways.

Revivals are birthed through the lives of broken people who find hope and the new life that each of us carries with us.  I read the book “Unchristian”.  I was disturbed by the raw data and very challenged by the way we are viewed by the generation that is now reaching adulthood.  To me, revival in our time, in our America is going to take a church that is really willing to take a strong look at the Jesus we portray to outsiders.  Revival will hinge on the decision we take to become appropriately transparent; to be genuine, even when it is not so pretty.

I see revival as meeting the broken hearted where they live and breaking off a piece of our life to give to them.  To deny myself and pick up my cross is to give hope to the hopeless at the expense of my comfortable lifestyle.  But the fruit of that is revival in the hearts of the broken that are fed out of the life that Christ has given me.  That’s true joy!

We are looking at a financial system that is falling apart around us but the heart of this nation was the first domino to fall that started it all. Revival will begin healing the hearts, one person at a time.  But those individuals will multiply and carry that anointing to others and others.  I don’t see the revival crusades and traditional meetings where masses of people come.  I see revival like an infestation of light that covertly works its way into the darkest corners of lives until transformation takes place.  I see revival as a “hands on” move that requires vast armies of awakened believers ministering to individuals where they live, in every day life; Jesus followers ministering at the well where people draw their daily water.

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NewDayChurch, “You are a faithful well.”

You are a faithful well.

When the drought comes and the land is parched your water can still be drawn. Your well taps the deepest spring whose waters run from the mountain of God. Even under the most parched ground God has provision. God has a way when there looks like there is no way…. There must be willingness. You and I must be willing to go to the faithful well. To go to that well whose waters run from the mountain of God. This well does not need to be re-dug. This well does not need to be cleaned out. This well just needs to be dipped into. Lower your bucket; yes drop your empty vessel into the water. Pour out anything left in your bucket first. Anything you’ve been saving as “your last drink”. Your bucket must be empty. Your vessel must be unburdened of anything that you’ve kept in it.

Has it been so long since you’ve dipped into the faithful well that your vessel is now being used for something else? Find it. Clean it out. Tie a strong rope on it. Lower it into the faithful well; the well that never runs dry. Do this quickly before the wooden staves of your bucket become so dry that the bucket no longer will hold water. The water of the faithful well will swell up the staves. The water of the faithful well will make new again that vessel for drawing out the water; it will make new again the one whose bucket is dipped into it.

Understanding this/What does this mean?

New Day is the faithful well. She has been supplied with the living water that runs from under the mountain of God, that is the anointing and authority that God, in His sovereign will, bestowed upon her for the ministry she is called to. That living water has never stopped flowing. It has always been in her since the first day of her inception. The living water of God is always the same, it never changes, and it always gives life. The life giving part of New Day does not need to be “re-tooled”. There is a deep core of living water that is accessible now. It is each one of us who have the choice to be willing to take in this living water by following the instructions in this word as is applies to our individual lives.

“You and I must be willing to go to the faithful well” Do we still see our church body as “faithful”? We must see her that way because God sees her that way. Am I and are you 100% willing to see her as faithful, to embrace her as faithful, and to immerse ourselves in that faithfulness? It’s difficult with all the upheaval that we’ve experienced to see this. But God does see her as faithful to His call, faithful to His purpose, and when he sees her, New Day church, He sees each one of us in that context. She is us and we are her. She is not just those people who lead worship, or that person who preached Sunday or those guys who meet as leadership, or etc….. she is you and she is me. God sees faithfulness not in terms of position, but in terms of willingness. When we go to that faithful well we are going, as a group, to dip our emptied out vessels into the living water that is specifically there for her, for New Day Church. This living water that is God’s provision for her ministry can only be dipped into by lowering yourself deep into the faithful well that is New Day Church.

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying by this. We don’t have the “special anointing” for Selma that excludes other church bodies. Each church is precious to Him, just as each person is too.  He has living water to bestow on each in accordance to His ministry calling for them. When faithful wells join together throughout a region for cooperation then we will really experience the redemption that Christ died for. For us, right now, we have this time to immerse our selves in what God has for New Day.

Don’t try to re-dig what is already supplied with life. Don’t try to figure out what went wrong and/or what was right. Prepare yourself to receive this living water by pouring out anything that you’ve been saving for “an emergency”, like a back up plan if things don’t work out or like a “plan B”. Living water is to be filling empty vessels. Each of us has a unique way of filling our lives (our vessels) with stuff that may or may not be life giving. Let it all go, tip yourself out at the cross of Jesus. Time is of the essence because the staves in the buckets are getting very dry. The old wooden buckets had staves of wood that were pressed together/held together with metal bands. They would stay together only if they were used constantly.  Only if they were filled with liquid on a regular basis so they wouldn’t dry out and shrink. Once they dried too much the bucket would simply fall apart. You, as a vessel, must be constantly dipping in the living water. Living water keeps you together. It keeps you from drying out. You are then being used to transfer living water up from the faithful well to a parched, dry, thirsty place. To lives who need living water. The emptier you are of other things the more space you have in your vessel (life) to hold living water to be poured out and bring life in a dying world. Being filled and used like this brings personal renewal to each who is willing to be vessels in this way. It is a “by-product” of being used to transfer this living water.

I must say again, New Day Church is a faithful well!!!

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